Set Yourself up for Success With Business Equipment Financing

Lack of proper equipment can keep you from operating your business with complete efficiency. Equipment leasing can help you to not only get the equipment that you desire but also to generate and keep the funds that you need.

Financing Benefits

There are several advantages to equipment financing:

  • You are able to make monthly payments at a fixed rate, versus a variable rate on regular financing.
  • A lease poses no threat to your business credit.
  • It provides you with the flexibility to quickly exchange your equipment when necessary to adapt to changes within the industry.
  • There is less of a down payment required for a lease than a purchase.
  • With equipment being considered a pre-tax expense, you stand to save 30 to 40 percent on your equipment when you lease instead of buy it.

Leasing Options

Along with all of the advantages of financing, there are also different equipment leasing options to choose from:

  • Startup programs to aid companies that are within their first two years of business
  • Options for businesses with B, C and D levels of credit
  • Leasing for government or municipal entities with guaranteed approval
  • Sale and lease back options that allow you to gain the capital that you need by selling your equipment. We own it while you use it through the duration of your lease, and you own it again after the lease term.

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With Crossroads Capital Finance Group, you can confidently secure and maintain the equipment that you need. We provide equipment financing on small to large equipment purchases for a variety of different business types. You are sure to find that our rates are low and that we provide several payback structures to meet the needs of different businesses. Lease approvals have a quick turnaround time with loans being approved between one to five days on average.

Why wait any longer? Contact us today to be on your way to properly outfitting your business.