Purchase Order Financing: Keep Up With Your Sales

Are you struggling to fill requests from your customers? Turning down even one large order can become a considerable opportunity cost and a big hit to your growth strategy. If you’ve got the sales capacity but need more inventory, then contact Crossroads Capital Finance Group for a purchase order loan today.

How It Works

Purchase order financing is backed against finished goods or value-added material used in production. You get the inventory you need to fill a particular job or customer order, and we collect the invoice and retain a fee. We then send the money right back to you. Our rates are highly competitive and our turn-time is quick.

Key Advantages

A purchase order financing loan gives you quick access to cash and allows owners to:

  • Bring in larger profits by fulfilling larger orders
  • Increase market share and client base
  • Minimize risk and equity loss during expansion
  • Improve delivery time and customer satisfaction
  • Stay afloat during downturn when cost exceeds revenue

Get Approved Fast

At Crossroads Capital Finance Group, we understand the growing pains you face as a small operation. Whether you’re a new or seasoned company, call us today to discuss your future profitability. Our customers enjoy a simple application process, flexible terms and guaranteed support from a respected provider.