• Only 33% of US Consumers are considered Prime Credit borrowers!
  • Less than 10% of consumers use check or cash if $1,000 or greater purchase.
  • 32% of consumers don’t own a credit card and 68% of credit card holders are within less than 5% of available credit limits.
  • If the cost of your product/procedure/service is over $1,000, financing or payment plans can help.

Source: The Survey of Consumer Payment Choice by Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, January 2010

How Crossroads Capital can help


The Financing Advantages:

  • Ease of Transaction!
  • Capture all sales that make sense…
  • Funding B/C Credit Tiers & Increase to A Credit Customers with debt ratio issues…
  • Increase sales by offering Retail Installment Agreements or Revolving line to increase gross sales/revenues – beyond “A” Credit Bank Cards.
  • Programs for ALL Credit Levels – We Finance Loans That Others Do Not.
  • Provider satisfaction by offering 1 simple solution!

Crossroads Capital makes it easy

  • Lending to Capture All sales that make sense
  • Retail Installment Contracts or Revolving Charge-Line of credit offered. Line of credit for easy add on sales
  • Instant Credit Approval with 2-second approval
  • Future Service and Product/Service Financing Leader. (Training – Seminars – Memberships)

Technology – Platform

  • Allows Crossroads Capital to provide a cost effective, one-stop-shop for All Credit Tiers.
  • Crossroads Capital to continue servicing on assets not qualified (OPTIONAL)

Apply now!

To become a client of Crossroads Capital, Contact us today and get started! We will provide the application and short list of items for speedy launch. Crossroads will appoint a Business Development Representative to provide training, ongoing support to you and your staff; just a phone call/email away.